“Creativity is contagious pass it on”. Albert Einstein.

This is a statement that is widely used by marketers and creatives to help commercialise ideas and motivate innovation through brainstorming, mind mapping or product development. With every attempt LOUD viewed in its journey of development we sought to create something new, there were many setbacks, but with the collaboration with others, our founder helped others to think creatively. Focusing on her idea at hand it led to an obsession and demand of creating a library that was much more than her initial idea. To be a “doer” must mean pushing the creative boundaries to evolve and transform our creativity obsessions with immense power to want to succeed and then this can become contagious for everyone to share.

LOUD’s business strives to be creative in every thought and process telling a story of what we can do better together and building upon an idea of finding better ways to reduce sample waste, recycle and build sustainable homes in the future. 

EVERY SAMPLE HAS A STORY want to give us a hand…


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